Advantages of doggy daycare

Exactly like babies, our animals can be a source of so much joy and laughter inside our lives. But like little kids, most dogs specifically can be high maintenance at the best of that time period! With most of us juggling careers, parenting, housework and attempting to maintain a social life between other activities, sometimes we just desire a short break.

Healthy Hound Playground is Northern Virginia’s Premier Dog Day Care, Boarding Kennel & Grooming Salon & Spa dedicated to providing your four-legged family member with an exceptional, safe and fun home away from home with regular outdoor potty breaks.

Thankfully “doggy daycare” at The Pets Hotel Country Club gives you the choice to do just that, by placing your furry friends in the hands of professional carers. Here’s some other benefits doggy daycare can provide you and your canine pal that you might not need considered:

1. Time aside to make your hearts grow fonder
The most clear benefit for doggy daycare is freeing up your time to tend to other concerns, whether that be running errands around town, indulging in Melbourne’s many magnificent shopping options or something as basic as going to work your 9-5 job. While saying goodbye to your furry friend each day can be troublesome, the short time you spend apart until later in your day will simply make you both appreciate those nighttime cuddles together a lot more.

2. A chance to make new animals
Being incredibly social creatures, your dog will without doubt enjoy the possibility to make plenty of new animals at our luxury doggy daycare facility simply a short drive from both Geelong and the Avalon airport. With professional, caring personnel readily available, we’ll introduce your VIP (very important dog or cat) to the other pet dogs they’ll be spending their day with, whilst ensuring everyone gets along well.

3. A lot of exercise & daily fun
Pet dogs also need exercise, and lots of it on a regular basis, as any dog owner will let you know! Another big benefit for doggy daycare around is the guarantee your dog pal will be spending much of their day moving about. Whether it’s chasing their friends around, moving a ball along the floor or playing with toys, your pet will be releasing a great deal of endorphins and energy each day, so they’ll be extra ready for a nights deep sleep come home time.

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