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BD Star Routing BD Celebrity Routing Technologies Co., Beijing in , alongside China’s Compass routing satellite was successfully launched in The far east established to market advancement of satellite television on pc navigation and placement market responsibility, to generate manufactured from satellite television navigation and placement solutions in a specialist company. Their main business will be the software of location-based info techniques, satellite television routing and positioning items resource and location-based functional services, research and advancement, production, sales, support navigation, control and control, accuracy measurement, armed service and civilian programs such as focus on monitoring . As China’s 1st satellite routing and positioning solutions in a specialist company, the best Dipper through the business is focused on provide users using the standing of satellite-based routing technology solutions, satellite television navigation and placement items available, the business co-innovation and indie invention, for mapping, device control, sea fisheries, protection, telecommunications, electricity along with other locations, including BDNAVGNSS collection boards, Compass Team, multi-user equipment main series of items; in location-based details system applications company, the company with the integration of revolutionary satellite navigation, conversation, geographic information along with other assets and app of the level of integration of sector processes, improve consumer productivity sector functional efficiency, reduce working costs; location-based providers to business functions through the growth of the best Dipper will be another important tactical direction, the business offers finished the Compass program to the primary, as well as the integration of cellular communication techniques and the web Beidou operating services network, providing routing for new users, electronic packet communications solutions and location-based value-added info solutions. Big Dipper through three company complement one another and promote one another, developing a “item + software + operating-system services” business design, producing the “Big Dipper through” the resounding brand name positioning. As certified from the experienced national authorities mixed up in Beidou system procedure service business initial enterprise, the best Dipper through the business have produced “The People’s Republic of Cina value additional telecommunications business permit” and “The People’s Republic of Cina telecommunications and details services business permit” ; the business adopted the nationwide regular GB/T and nationwide military regular GJBA- Dual-mass techniques certification, , was called “top most promising 5th Zhongguancun high-tech little and moderate enterprises”, in earned the Zhongguancun business credit history of the best degree – ZC1-degree qualification, and has been elected in development of SMEs in Tiongkok ; in August , the best Dipper through the business was officially detailed in the Shenzhen STOCK MARKET (stock program code: ). BDStar placing satellite navigation marketplace needs Tiongkok “Listed because the very first domestic satellite routing companies, the best Dipper through the target is to create satellite routing and positioning sector leader in technologies. At the moment, the ‘Chinese language Compass’ satellite routing system using the U.S. Gps navigation, Russia’s Geluonasi The EU’s Galileo program, combined with the United Countries named the core from the worldwide satellite navigation program providers, ‘China’s Compass’ has turned into a resounding international nationwide brand name. “Beijing BD Superstar Navigation Technologies Co., Ltd., Zhou Ruxin lately told reporters in order that job interview. China’s satellite routing and positioning Administration Center Deputy Movie director Zhao Kangning within an job interview with reporters, mentioned the satellite routing technology can be an important element of general national strength component, america, Russia, europe are prepared to invest seriously in constructing the satellite routing system. At the moment, China’s “Compass” satellite television navigation system continues to be put into industrial procedure or enter the marketplace testing phase. From Tiongkok and Europe participate in Western european civil satellite routing “Galileo Plan” is positively advancing. U.S. Global positioning system offers satellites, irrespective of where focuses on possess four satellites functioning around the objective of synchronization. The existing “Compass” Just a few satellites, are designed with less expense in regional satellite television navigation system. The hottest GPS system may be used in plane, automobiles, ship routing, security, banking, clinical, fire along with other utilize it to establish handle, alarm, rescue program, enterprises can set up a modern logistics administration system Gps navigation.

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